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Based on our experience with the financial markets over the last dozon years so, We decided to develop a simple system.The system allows for users to select, based on their tolerance to risk, Short-term, Medium or Longterm investment grade stock portfolio. Our selection of the equities is based on several factors including but not limited to quarterly reports, management guidance or lack of it,overall always view and ofcourse the stock price performance.we keep the stock in the list as long as it meets most, if not all, of the above criteria. Each stock listed must have the quaterly reports atleast in line with the street expectation.Missed Q results and lack of near-term visibility or outright downbeat guidance may lead to the downfall from the list, on the other hand,if we think the stock price is reached bottom and started going up based on the outlook or catalyst,we will include stock back in the list.you may find many of the equities listed are extremely volatile when compared to the boarder market.Therefore, use caution before buying for your portfolios.Track the equities for yourself and see whether the selection is good or bad.Your comments and suggestions are welcome info@myistocks.com